EASY TRACE WORKS GREAT WITH Integrate Easy Trace with MYOB, MYOB accounting package

If you are using MYOB as your accounting package and would like to take advantage of digital receipt tracking, you will be amazed to see how easy is to setup and integrate with MYOB.

After signing up your free account please click on the settings page and select “Accounting Package” option.

MYOB authentication

Step 1: Authenticate

Please click on the continue button, this will take you to the MYOB authentication page, please provide username and password for your Accounts Right Live account.

Link Easy Trace with MYOB

Step 2: Select Company File

After authentication you will redirected to “Select Company File” page, please select the company file you wish to link with and provide username and password for the company file.

MYOB Jobs, Customers, Suppliers

Step 3: Complete

Easy Trace will automatically get all your accounts, jobs, customer and suppliers from MYOB. This information will be available as a drop down selection when entering receipts.

Snap and Send

Now you are ready to snap receipts from our friendly mobile app or send your files via email. If your package is set to "We Do It", we will take care of the data entry.

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Export and Download

Easy Trace offers the following options to export your original receipts

  • You can download the original image or PDF file by selecting the entry from your Inbox and clicking on the "Download" button. This will download the original receipts to your computer.
  • Alternatively you can chose to forward it to your email.
  • You can also view the original receipt in "Full Screen" mode and use the browser print option to print directly to your printer.
  • You can also link your account to drop box and get all original receipts synced with your drop box folder.

Please drop us a note at [email protected] if you have any suggestion or want to ask a question.

Integration Details

Easy Trace maintains the list of MYOB accounts, customers and suppliers, you are free to refresh and synchronise these values anytime. When adding your accounts, customers and suppliers in Easy Trace, we will also add them in MYOB so you don't need to create them twice. Please see the chart below for further explanation.






Easy Trace

MYOB Account Right

MYOB Essentials

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