Easy Expense

Looking for an efficient yet affordable expense tracking solution? Easy Trace offers great value for businesses who want technology to help them work efficiently. It offers three way data collection, a Cloud based secure storage for all your invoices, integration with your favourite accounting package and free sharing with your colleagues and a bookkeeper.

When you take a photo of your bill via our friendly mobile app or send a digital invoice via email it is automatically uploaded and recorded in your Cloud inbox. Your bookkeeper and accountant can view and verify the details and publish it to MYOB or Xero with a single click.Read more

Share expense report with bookkeeper and colleagues

Free Sharing

Built in Messaging on Easy Trace

Built-in Messaging

Generate advanced expense report

Advanced Reports

A Cloud based simple expense tracking solution

Easy Warranty

If you want a simple yet flexible warranty tracking solution that sends reminder emails and SMS a few days before the warranty expires Easy Trace will be a perfect solution for your business. Our friendly mobile app will guide you in recording key dates including expiry and maintenance dates. You will get multiple reminder emails when an asset warranty is approaching its expiry.

A colour coded calendar view is an easy way to visualise upcoming assets whose warranties is going to expire in the near future.Read more

Flexible warranty tracking

Calender View

Auto reminder on warranty expiration

Auto Reminder

Generate Asset report

Asset Reports

Cloud based simple warranty tracking solution

Easy Travel

Want to save time and submit your travel expense report to the accounts department with a single click? Easy Trace will help you record your travel expenses and generate the expense report with a single click. You can easily record your personal and business expenses side by side and generate customised reports with advance filtering options.

Head office and accounts department can easily view and monitor staff expenses and can export both summary and image attachments for integration with corporate accounting packages.Read more

Travel expense tracking with Easy Trace

Travel Expense

Project Tracking with Easy Trace

Project Tracking

Generate Expense report with a single click

Expense Report

Cloud based travel expense report

Integration Options

We are busy adding more and more integration options so you can take advantage of simple data entry and record keeping. At present we offer the following three integration options, please feel free to drop us a note if you would like us to integrate with your favourite package.

Bookkeeping with MYOB, MyOb Accounting Software

If you are using MYOB as your accounting package and would like to take advantage of expense tracking, asset and warranty management you will be amazed to see how easy it is to integrate Easy Trace with the MYOB accounting package.

Quick Books

Easy Trace now integrates with QuickBooks Online. You can link your Quick Books online account with Easy Trace and track your expenses and publish them with a single click.

Integrate with Dropbox, Bill and Invoices tracking with dropbox

Easy Trace keeps all your bills and invoices in the Cloud, however if you would like to keep a copy of all your expenses in your Dropbox account we have a solution. Once you have integrated your Dropbox account we will send a copy of all your attachments to your Dropbox account.

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Monthly data entry services, bookkeeping on Easy Trace

Monthly Package

You Do IT

We Do IT*

Upto 100 Invoices for $9 $15
101-300 Invoices for $19 $29
301-1000 Invoices for $39 $59
1000-2000 Invoices for $69 $99
  • Additional Invoices $0.10 each
  • Data entry services, please see our terms and conditions*
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