Warranty? What Warranty?

Most of us will be in the same boat, we own a car, a TV, a fridge, a computer and/or laptop, a printer and various other gadgets. We call them assets. In the personal home space the list can be quite long, there is the toaster, kettle, coffee machine, mixer, rice maker, food processor and […]

How to make Expense Reports easy

Let’s admit it, no one likes to do expense reports. Your staff return from business travel with a bag full of receipts and now have to somehow organise them into a neat expense report. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to make it easier for your staff? It’s a win/win, if […]

Easy Trace, a receipt tracking solution, not a bookkeeping service

While attending a local networking meetup I had a great chat with a bookkeeping business owner and she asked me this question, Is Easy Trace a bookkeeping service competing against other book keeping businesses? And my answer was “No”. Easy Trace is a receipt tracking solution, not a bookkeeping service. I thought it would be […]

Save paper and email receipts in seconds

We all need to store receipts for one reason or another be it for work expenses, tax purposes, product warranty, medical or insurance claims. Most people have arranged themselves with a make-shift system, a drawer or shelf in the cupboard or even a shoebox where all the receipts land for the time being. This is […]

How to take a snap of your receipt with Easy Trace

Next time you take a picture of your receipt here are some tips to give you better results: 1. Make sure your picture is not blurry. The receipt pictured below is too blurry. Make sure to focus in on the receipt. 2. Make sure you take a complete picture Make sure that the vendor’s name, […]

Taking the family on a Business Trip

Most of us have done it – you are going somewhere for business and the family tags along for the weekend. Sure, it’s a great idea, you’re already there, your flight has been paid for and you often get a good rate when extending the hotel room into the weekend. But consider this scenario: A […]

We take the pain out of Data Entry

If you are a sole trader or small business owner or any professional for that matter you have responsibilities to many people like your clients, your boss, your employees and accountants. Accountants want to know everything about your work expenses, they want to see all receipts, invoices etc on time and preferably neatly organised. If […]

Easy Trace, from Idea to Solution

It all started last year when it was time to submit the BAS and I was going through a pile of receipts and bank statements to figure out what has been purchased for the past three months. Luckily I remembered most of the items but there were a few purchases from the bank statement I […]