How to make Expense Reports easy


Let’s admit it, no one likes to do expense reports. Your staff return from business travel with a bag full of receipts and now have to somehow organise them into a neat expense report.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to make it easier for your staff? It’s a win/win, if your company can automate the expense management process you will save on operating costs and your employees will not see it as a laborious task.

Imagine you didn’t have to keep all those paper receipts, instead you could take a picture of the receipt and it will automatically be uploaded to your personal Cloud Inbox for storage and further data entry.

And for digital receipts, a pdf file, an ebay invoice or a paypal receipt, they can be forwarded to an email address and will be recorded as an entry in the Cloud Inbox.

The best part of it is that recording everything online in the Cloud gives you the option of accessing your receipts online wherever you are. The account department does not need to chase the staff to fill their expense reports, they can just go ahead and do it themselves with a single click.

At the end of the month or at the end of a travelling trip staff members can select a date range, click one button and a PDF file with a summary table of all expenses for the selected period including original receipt images will be generated. Voila, there is your expense report!

This is the stuff that makes employees happy and more productive.

Easy Trace is a simple expense tracking solution and offers all the above discussed features so if you want to try out your download the free mobile app and you are ready to go.