Taking the family on a Business Trip

Complete receipt picture

Most of us have done it – you are going somewhere for business and the family tags along for the weekend. Sure, it’s a great idea, you’re already there, your flight has been paid for and you often get a good rate when extending the hotel room into the weekend.

But consider this scenario:

A business trip takes you to Sydney, you arrive on Wednesday and you have a lunch meeting with clients. You cover the bill, take a taxi to see another prospect client and then have dinner back at your hotel with a few colleagues from the local office. You charge this to your room.

Thursday you take a taxi to the local company office for a meeting, go out for lunch with some colleagues and catch up with another client for a coffee later in the day. All your receipts end up somewhere in your briefcase. The family arrives on Thursday afternoon, they take a taxi to the hotel and have dinner there. Your business dinner also at the hotel finishes at 9pm and you join your family.

On Friday the family takes in all the Sydney sights while you have more client meetings, taking taxis to get from one meeting to the next.

You probably get the idea… by the time you check out you have a stack of receipts, some business and some personal.

A few weeks later when it is time to do your expense report you are not sure which one is which. Was the dinner on Thursday the one the family had or the one you had with the colleagues? What about the taxi receipts, you have taken the taxi but so has your family. And so it takes you hours to work through it and get all the details right.

The key to make this business/family trip work is to organise your receipts the moment you get them. Take a snap of the receipt with your phone, that way it can’t get lost and it is much easier to separate your personal from the business ones when you have them in digital form. Once you have our Easy Trace app on your phone these things will become a breeze and you can enjoy your family holiday.