Warranty? What Warranty?

cloud based expense, assets and warranty tracking solution
Most of us will be in the same boat, we own a car, a TV, a fridge, a computer and/or laptop, a printer and various other gadgets. We call them assets. In the personal home space the list can be quite long, there is the toaster, kettle, coffee machine, mixer, rice maker, food processor and so on.

If we are reasonably organised we keep all instruction manuals, receipts and warranty cards at least in one place. But do we know which asset has got what warranty and when the warranty runs out? No way.

In fact we probably lose valuable money by not knowing about our warranties – there is the cordless drill that has stopped working, it wasn’t even that old but we don’t exactly remember when we bought it so we just go and buy a new one. Perhaps it still had warranty on it, we just didn’t know and couldn’t be bothered to find the original receipt.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if someone could track assets and warranties for us? All stored electronically in one place, accessible with one click from the phone, computer or tablet?

I picture it like this – I buy my asset and take a photo of the item along with the receipt with my phone. This photo gets automatically uploaded to a Cloud inbox. When I process my receipt I can record things like serial number and the length of the warranty while it’s fresh in my mind and I have the paperwork still in front of me. Then I can file the papers and forget about them.

Then it happens, the reception computer stops working. Rather than physically flicking though files and folders the information is now easily available on the computer, phone or tablet and we know whether or not the item is still under warranty.

Yes, it would be great to have a software like that, it would save time and money and help us organize our assets and warranties.

Actually, there is a software that can do all the above and more. Easy Trace is a cloud based expense, assets and warranty tracking solution. You can try it out for free, the first 50 assets are free.