EXPENSE REPORT WITH A SINGLE CLICK SAVE AS PDF AND EXCEL Looking for an easy yet affordable solution for tracking your expenses? We can help you record your expenses and generate reports with ease.


Easy Trace offers a simple and dynamic interface, once you have signed up for a free account you are ready to send your bills and invoices.

Apple iOS, iPhone, Android, mobile app

Snap it via our apps

Use our friendly mobile app to take pictures of your bills and invoices. All entries are automatically uploaded to your Cloud Inbox. You can share your account with other staff members and bookkeeper for free.

Expense and Warranty tracking solution
Bills and Invoices tracking Dashboard, Accounts, Incoming and Outgoing expenses

Cloud Box

When an invoice or a bill is uploaded via Easy Trace mobile app or an email is forwarded or a document is uploaded directly via our drag and drop interface, they are all neatly stored in the Cloud Inbox where you can search and filter your invoices with ease.

Record bills and digital invoices
Digital invoices, email, pdf, png, bills

Digital Invoices and Files

You can send all your digital bills including eBay or Papal invoices as well as any jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, pdf, doc, xls and zip files attachments via an email. We support up to 20 MB attachments per email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have five staff members who would like to record expenses, how many accounts do I need?
You only need a single organisation account that you can share between your staff members. Each staff members can create their personal account as well as record expenses against the shared company account.
Can I record business and personal expenses side by side?
Yes, when taking the snap of your receipt you can chose the organisational account that the expenses needs to be recorded against.
I am a corporate user and would like to white label the solution for my organisation?
Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the requirement and customisation options.
I am a bookkeeper and my client uses Easy Trace for expense tracking, do I need to pay additional fees?
No, you do not need to pay any additional fees. Your client will be responsible for paying his organisation account and it can be shared with you for bookkeeping and admin purposes.
How long do you keep my bills and invoices?
We will keep your receipt as long as you have an active subscriptions with us. When your subscription expires, we will contact you and discuss the backup options. As per our policy we will remove your account and data after 30 days.
What happens if I exceed my monthly package quota?
We will charge you for additional receipts with a flat fee of 0.10c / receipt for that month.
Can I have additional reports and features included in the solution?
Please contact us with your requirement and will be happy to discuss customisation options with you.
Can I integrate my accounting package?
We are constantly adding more and more accounting packages for integration, please contact us if you wish to include your favourite package.
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