WE HELP YOU TO MANAGE ASSETS AND WARRANTIES AUTO REMINDER EMAIL AND SMS If you are looking for an easy and simple solution for tracking your assets and warranties Easy Trace can help. We remind you when an asset warranty is reaching its expiry.
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We live in a consumer society, as a household or as a business owner we enjoy shopping for consumer goods and business services. Our personal collection of products includes health and safety products, travel and entertainment equipment, cooking and kitchen appliances and other household necessities.

As a business we buy office furniture, communication and networking equipment, software programs, desktop PC's and laptops and other networking and communication devices.


In our personal life we have numerous responsibilities, as a busy mum or dad, a young adult or a retired person, as a business owner or employee we seem to constantly go from one activity to another.

This means most of us don’t get the time to catch up with our ever growing pile of paper work. If we are lucky we get to do this every three months at BAS time or at the end of year when we need to lodge the tax return.

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Imagine the amount of times when your car was broken down and you found out that the new car warranty expired last week, or a fridge, a TV or an office equipment stopped working and you didn’t know whether it is covered under the warranty or expired recently?

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody told you that your new car warranty is going to expire in two weeks’ time so you can plan ahead and get your car fixed? Wouldn’t it be great if all your asset warranties are stored in one place so you can find out when you need it most?


When you buy an asset and it comes with a warranty, take a snap of the invoice and record a few key dates and that’s all. We will record your invoices along with the warranty expiry date and remind you prior to its expiry.

You can login to your personal account and view all assets and warranties details any time you wish and export them with a single click.

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