If you are using QuickBooks as your accounting package and would like to use Easy Trace for recording your expenses and publishing directly to Quick Books with a single click, we have got good news for you.

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Connect Easy Trace with QuickBooks and publish your bills with a single click.

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Take a snap of your bills with our friendly mobile app or forward a digital bill as an attachment via email, we record all your bills neatly in an Inbox for you to review and publish to QuickBooks.

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Expense Reports

It's Simple To Link Easy Trace with qb

We have made it very easy for you to integrate Easy Trace with your favorite accounting packages. It’s a simple three step process. Please follow the setup wizard and it will guide you through all the steps.

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Once you have signed up for a free account, please login and click on the settings page and select the accounting package integration option.

Please choose QuickBooks and click on the continue button, this will take you to the QuickBooks authentication page. Please provide username and password for your QuickBooks account.

Synchronise Accounts

Easy Trace maintains your list of QuickBooks accounts, customers and suppliers. Please click on the “Next” button to complete the integration process.

Your QuickBooks accounts, tax codes, suppliers and customers will be available for selection when you perform data entry via the Easy Trace Inbox.

QuickBooks Company

After logging in to your QuickBooks account you will be presented with a list of companies, please select the company you wish to integrate with Easy Trace.

Please click on the “Authorize” button and you will be redirected back to Easy Trace for the final integration step.


Integration Details

Easy Trace maintains the list of QuickBooks accounts, customers and suppliers and you are free to refresh and synchronise these values at any time. When adding your accounts, customers and suppliers in Easy Trace we will also add them in QuickBooks so you don't need to create them twice. Please see the chart below for further explanation.






Easy Trace


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a small business owner and have 1-5 staff, how many Easy Trace accounts do I need ?
You will only need a single account to track your expenses and assets and share your organisation with your staff members. Your staff members can create a separate account, however they will not be charged any fees as long as they use your organisation when recording the receipts.
I have multiple businesses, can I create multiple organisations under my account ?
Yes, you have the option to create multiple organisations, please click on the settings page and select My Organisation option from the list, it will give you the option to create another organisation and link it to your current account.
I have paper receipts as well digital receipts i.e. PDF files and emails, can Easy Trace handle those ?
Yes, you can forward your digital receipts, pdf, images, Microsoft Word and Excel files via an email or upload it directly in the browser. For paper receipts we recommend using our free mobile app to take pictures which will automatically be uploaded to your Cloud Inbox. You can find the Easy Trace email for forwarding your digital receipts on the Settings page under the Email Notification option.
I would like to use Easy Trace for my personal expenses as well as business expenses, can I do that ?
Absolutely, you can create a separate organisation for your personal expenses and business expenses. If you decide to share your business organisation then only your business organisation will be visible to others, your personal organisation will be private to your account only.
How I can give access to my bookkeeper so she can see our expenses and record it in QuickBooks.
Please select the Settings page and select the Invite Bookkeeper/Account option. By default the bookkeeper has access to all Easy Trace features, please change the default permission if you wish to do so. Once the invitation is sent we will notify your bookkeeper to login and accept your invitation. Once the invitation has been accepted your organisation will be visible to your bookkeeper. You have the option to stop sharing your organisation anytime via the Invitation History page.
I am a bookkeeper and accountant, how can Easy Trace help me serve my clients better ?
Easy Trace is an ideal solution for optimising your work load and help you serve more clients with less effort. For example instead of visiting each client and collecting shoeboxes of paper receipts you can now work with digitally sorted receipts and perform data entry from within Easy Trace or directly in QuickBooks.
As a bookkeeper or Accountant do I need to pay for the Easy Trace account ?
No, you do not need to pay separately for an Easy Trace account. If your client has shared an organisation with you, you will be able to view and update their expenses, display reports and publish toQuickBooks. There is no additional fee for using Easy Trace for your clients.

Pricing Plan

We offer a free trial package with 50 invoices, please feel free to contact our friendly help desk if you have any questions.

Monthly Package

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Upto 100 Invoices for

$9 $15

101-300 Invoices for

$19 $29

301-1000 Invoices for

$39 $59

1000-2000 Invoices for

$69 $99
  • Additional Invoices $0.10 each
  • Data entry services, please see our terms and conditions*
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